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Energy security and the role of nuclear energy in Europe

To what extent can nuclear energy provide an alternative to fossil fuels?
Apr 26 2010
Apr 27 2010

This work shop for nuclear & energy security experts, organised by the JRC Institute for Energy (IE), aimed to explore, discuss and debate the challenges and solutions for the global energy sector. While energy demand is still rising, the evidence is clear that CO2 emissions must be reduced globally. Abundant, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy must be developed to meet that demand. Nuclear power, as a secure alternative to fossil fuels, has technical risks and lack of public acceptance. How can it help Europe to solve the energy challenge?

The event saw lively discussions among the participants from research organisations, industry and public authorities, and a follow up event has already been proposed. Issues that were highlighted included:

  • the complexity of energy security including, for instance, diversification of energy sources and efficiency;
  • the important role of nuclear power in the energy mix today and tomorrow, as well as its potential for heat and hydrogen production;
  • the challenge of reconciliation with the introduction of intermittent renewable energy sources and the build-up of the electricity grid of tomorrow (for both baseload and intermittent renewables);
  • the complexity of financing in the nuclear energy sector.

Detailed conclusions and all presentations will be made available via the IE website in the near future