EU Science Hub

Convention: Crop genetic improvement technologies for sustainable agricultural innovation

Mar 10 2014
Mar 11 2014

Agriculture faces major challenges to deliver global food security and the EU is not immune from these challenges. All paths to innovation should be examined, to build on existing achievements for good agronomic practice.

This fringe event, based on Panel-led general discussion, is designed to draw on recent work by EASAC on crop genetic improvement technologies (New Breeding Techniques as well as Genetic Modification) and on emerging plant diseases, to explore how innovation and its regulation must capitalise on the scientific opportunities now coming within range. The initial EASAC presentation will cite international evidence to explore key opportunities and challenges for sustainable agriculture in the EU, and the need to establish a coherent policy framework to achieve the goals of innovation and regulation. Other Panel speakers will be asked to address specific issues, for NBTs, other approaches to sustainable agricultural innovation, experience from outside the EU, and from the perspectives of the producers and consumers of the products of innovation. Following these short Panel contributions, there will be ample time allocated for discussion with the audience to clarify emerging issues for the impact of innovation in the EU – for sustainable agriculture and also for research in the public and private sector science base, innovation capacity, competiveness and international collaboration.