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Voluntary Guidelines for Soil Sustainable Management

Mar 06 2017

JRC scientist and Chair of the Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils (ITPS) Luca Montanarella will give a presentation as part of the Lunchtime Conference External Cooperation Infopoint on Voluntary Guidelines for Soil Sustainable Management - Why is it important? How can we promote them in the EU cooperation activities and inside the EU?

Soils are an essential and non-renewable natural resource hosting goods and services which are vital to ecosystems and human life. As a major storehouse for carbon, they also have a fundamental role in regulating climate. However, one third of global soils are moderately or highly degraded.

The objective of this conference is to present the Voluntary Guidelines for Soil Sustainable Management (VGSSM), adopted by the 4th Global Soil Partnership (GSP) Plenary Assembly (Rome, 25 May 2016) and endorsed by the FAO Council. How to implement these Voluntary Guidelines in the context of EU cooperation and development activities and other EU policies will also be discussed.

The Conference will be held from 12:30-13:45 in Rue de la Loi 43-45, Ground floor, Brussels (Registration required)

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