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Text mining in policy making

Dec 13 2016

Information needed by policy makers is increasingly embedded in large amounts of textual data available on the Internet, e.g. traditional or social media, or in large public or proprietary document sets.

Text mining, the automatic extraction of information from text, offers policy makers timely access to important information which would otherwise be inaccessible. Indeed, the sheer volume of data makes it nearly impossible to extract the available information manually.

This conference will be an opportunity for policy makers from EU institutions to understand better the benefits of text mining in policy making processes, and pave the way forward for a better use of these solutions in policy making.

The challenges related to textual data within the Commission and outside will be addressed by keynote speeches and a panel discussion. This will be followed by the presentation of the new JRC competence centre on text mining with a showcase of various success stories of JRC applied text mining solutions.

A novel text mining tool for monitoring innovation and technological development - TIM (Tools for Innovation Monitoring) - will also be launched at this occasion. After a networking lunch, an operational workshop will take place to develop a text mining roadmap with stakeholders and users.


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  • Keynote speech by German Rigau, University of the Basque country - Professor at Informatics faculty

    /jrc/en/file/document/170716NLP for decision making

  • Keynote speech by Nick Fowler, Elsevier - Chief Academic Officer and Managing Director Research Networks

    /jrc/en/file/document/170714Text and data mining at Elsevier

  • Erik Van Der Goot, European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Head of Data and Text Mining

    /jrc/en/file/document/170717Competence Centre on Text Mining and Analysis

  • Olivier Eulaerts, European Commission - Joint Research Centre

    /jrc/en/file/document/170713TIM: tools for monitoring research and innovation

  • Freddy Dezeure, European Commission - Head of Computer Emergency Response Team

    /jrc/en/file/document/170712Use of text mining in cybersecurity

  • Charles MacMillan, European Commission - Joint Research Centre

    /jrc/en/file/document/170715Europe Media Monitor and social media

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