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Symposium on International Safeguards: Linking Strategy, Implementation and People

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
Oct 20 2014
Oct 24 2014

The purpose of the symposium is to foster constructive dialogue and information exchange between the IAEA Secretariat, IAEA Member States, nuclear industry representatives and technical experts (in particular, those involved in nuclear non-proliferation matters), with a view to exploring jointly the strategic issues faced by the IAEA and to discussing the implementation of possible solutions by the safeguards community as a whole.


A preliminary programme will be made available on the symposium web page (see Section M) well in advance of the symposium. The final programme and the Book of Abstracts will be available upon registration at the symposium.

The symposium will consist of approximately eight sessions over five days and will be held in the M Building of the Vienna International Centre. It will begin with an opening plenary session on the first day, continue with parallel topical sessions on days two to four, and conclude with a plenary session on the fifth day.


Topical Sessions

These sessions will address forward looking safeguards topics (see below) through oral presentations, poster presentations, and discussions.

  1. Concepts and Approaches
  2. Co-operation with States
  3. Detection of Undeclared Nuclear Material and Activities
  4. Safeguards Equipment and Communication
  5. Information Technology, Collection, Analysis and Security
  6. Analytical Services
  7. Safeguarding Future Nuclear Fuel Cycles
  8. Training

Further Information, Contact and Registration

For more information, visit: Conference Information

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