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Science meets Parliaments 2019: What role for science in 21st century policy-making

Science meets Parliaments: What role for science in the 21st century policy-making
Feb 06 2019
Feb 07 2019

Policy-makers and scientists need each other to design solutions for the challenges of our time.

This year's edition of 'Science meets Parliaments' brings together decision-makers and researchers for a two-day event at the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss the role of science in 21st century policy-making and how to gear it towards solutions to the challenges of our time.

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The fourth edition of 'Science meets parliaments' will focus, among others, on

  • How artificial intelligence might impact our lives
  • How to build resilient societies in a turbulent world
  • How values and social relations affect political behaviour and decision-making

Participants will be invited to take part in interactive workshops and scenario exploration games (places may be limited).


  • 'Shop' for knowledge at our Knowledge4Policy online kiosk

The event will also feature the launch of the European Union pilot project 'Science meets Parliaments/Science meets Regions'. This project brings the initiative to national and regional authorities and encourages discussion on locally relevant policy issues.

The event 'Science meets Parliaments' will be accompanied by the exhibition "Putting Science at the Heart of European Policy-Making", featuring the contribution of science to making sound and successful public policies with direct benefit on people's lives.



Yehudi Menuhin Space
European Parliament
Brussels, Belgium