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Science Meets Parliaments 2017

Science meets parliaments 2017
Nov 28 2017

Under the main topic "the role of science in a post fact society" the European Parliament opens its doors to the Science Meets Parliaments - flagship initiative of the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

This annual initiative highlights the importance of building closer links between scientists and EU policy-makers. Regular dialogue is vital to establish and improve a culture of evidence informed policy-making.

The European Commission Joint Research Centre’s flagship initiative organised in collaboration with the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) panel has become a key annual event at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Science Meets Parliaments brings together high level European and national policy‑makers and scientists in a series of dynamic round table debates and bilateral meetings.


European Parliament PHS 7C050, Brussels, Belgium

Programme and registration

Registration and Programm for the Science meets Parliaments 2017.



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MEP-Scientist Pairing Scheme

The European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) Panel will be launching the sixth edition of STOA’s very successful MEP-Scientist Pairing Scheme, on the same day.

The main goals of the MEP-Scientist Pairing Scheme are to enhance

  • knowledge-based decision making,
  • facilitate a better understanding of EU policies among scientists,
  • foster a greater mutual understanding between scientists and parliamentarians, and
  • contribute to closing the gap between researchers and policy‑makers.

Scientists will be invited to Brussels, from 28 to 30 November 2017, where they will be given an opportunity to follow MEPs in their daily political activities and gain an understanding of the EU science, technology and research policy framework and, in particular, of the work of the European Parliament in this area.

Blogpost:MEP-scientist pairing scheme: launching the sixth edition


Science meets national parliaments and regions

National Parliaments in some EU countries regularly organise meetings between national parliamentarians and scientists.

The policy-makers appreciate the opportunity to enhance their scientific knowledge. For scientists, this is a valuable experience to understand the complexities of decision‑making processes and to interact effectively with politicians and inform them about fields of mutual interest.

European regions and cities are key partners in the implementation of European legislation, policies and financial instruments.

About 70% of the EU legislative initiatives and 80% of EU funds are implemented at subnational level, giving EU regions and cities the leverage to act as catalysts of change and enablers of citizens’ involvement.

Science Meets Regions aims to mobilise the potential of the local scientific community for policy making, also involving businesses and citizens.

In a first pilot phase in 2016, policy-makers, scientists and citizens in six regions discussed regionally relevant topics like the future of transport, sustainable energy, smart cities, active healthy-ageing, food safety and reforming the education system.

A targeted Science meets Regions thematic session with representatives of participating regions will be organised within the Science meets Parliaments event in Brussels on 28 November 2017.