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Science meets parliaments

Science meets parliaments
Sep 15 2015
Sep 16 2015

In order to promote a culture of evidence-informed policy-making, it is important that EU policy-makers have a regular exchange with scientists allowing them to better understand scientists' views on policy issues and vice versa.

On 15 September 2015 Members of the European Parliament will have unique opportunity to meet leading scientists within EU scientific community.

The event is co-organised by the JRC and Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA), and will launch two initiatives:

  • Science meets parliaments - a JRC initiative aimed at bringing scientists and policy-makers from the European and national levels together;
  • MEP-scientist pairing scheme - a STOA project aimed at enhancing mutual understanding and fostering links between MEPs and scientists.


National Parliaments’ dimension

What are national Parliaments’ expectations from European and national scientists? Why it is so important to collaborate at national level?

  • Andreas Karlsböck, Chair of the Science Committee of the Austrian Parliament
    Download the PDF (in German)
  • Rózsa Hoffmann, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Culture of the Hungarian National Assembly
    Download the PDF (in French)

Science’s answer to the EU and national policy-makers’ expectations

High level panel with representatives of umbrella scientific organisations

EU and national policy makers have different expectations from EU science. How do EU science bodies react to their needs? Are there concrete examples which prove that common efforts and constructive collaboration between the two communities could bring effective results for the benefit of EU citizens?

Parallel session: Panel on the best practices with science meets parliaments at national level

  • Friedrich W. Hesse, Vice President of the Leibniz Association
    Download the PDF
  • Stefan Kaufman, Member of the Bundestag
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  • Julie Maxton, Executive Director of the Royal Society
  • The Royal Society Pairing Scheme
  • Bruno Revellin-Falcoz, Member of the OPECST Scientific Council (French Parliamentary Office for Scientific and Technological Assessment), and Honorary President of NATF (National Academy of Technologies of France)
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