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Science meets Arctic

May 16 2017
May 31 2017

The Arctic is a rich and unique ecosystem which is under threat from the effects of global warming, changes to the environment, pollution, globalisation and hunger for resources. These changes threaten both the environment and the indigenous population and their way of life.

The JRC has been highlighting these issues and is increasingly bridging the gap between science and the EU Arctic Policy in an area of geo-political relevance .

The Arctic environment is emblematic in terms of current concerns with climate change, and it provides the focus of much scientific work that tries to understand the processes at play, and their significance.  In this context, the artist Jane Rushton has become interested in drawing on the knowledge and methodologies of science as a means of expanding her approach to material investigations, with the ultimate aim of making visually poetic work that provokes a different type of engagement: of seeing, valuing, knowing and understanding.

The interaction between art and science on this fascinating theme is the key focus area of this event, jointly organized by the JRC and the artist Jane Rushton.

Opening event of 16 May 2017 at  09:30

Draft Programme: Art, Science and Policy Meeting the Arctic

Watch the recoding of the opening event.