EU Science Hub

Science for EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy

May 21 2021

The Polish Academy of Sciences organises an online seminar to mark the 1st anniversary of the adoption of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.

The main aim:  
The event will bring togther  a broad range of actors involved in the biodiversity preservation – on both policy level and academia – to review the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 in general and to empower research and innovation actions in the field of biological diversity.
The participants of the event will be given a chance to collect information on how scientists could benefit from Horizon Europe to provide impactful contribution to biodiversity protection.

JRC representation :
Joachim Maes (JRC, Land Resources unit) will present the key messages of the EU Ecosystem Assessment.  Released in October 2020 the EU Ecosystem Assessment providing a knowledge foundation for evaluation of the previous EU targets regarding biodiversity protection by 2020, and a baseline for the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030. As a supplement to this report the JRC, in collaboration with the European Environment Agency and DG Environment prepared a summary for policymakers with key messages on the state of ecosystems in the EU and with implications for ecosystem restoration.

From the Polish perspective, the seminar will be an opportunity to confront both biodiversity and forest strategies’ priorities with the capacities and resources of Polish research organisations, above all – the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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