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Dynamics of ICTs: Industries, R&D, markets. PREDICT Conference 2015

Nov 25 2015
Nov 25 2015


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The conference will bring together a selected group of around a hundred guests, among them invited experts from the industry, analysts and EC policy makers. It will offer the opportunity to debate and identify the main trends that transform the ICT industry, R&D and markets, and to discuss the conditions for future developments in Europe.

The debate will be organised around two main sessions, devoted to contrast the statistical views and the stakeholders insights respectively. The topics for discussion will include the following:

  • Which are the features of the ICT sector in Europe today? Which are the constraints to fully exploit the opportunities offered by ICTs in the economy?
  • What is the evolving role R&D in ICTs, and which the emerging areas? How is Europe positioned to this respect, and which complementary aspects are to be considered?
  • How are new ICT-based businesses impacting the real economy? How are European companies placed in the global playground?


The conference is an on-invitation-only conference. If you wish to receive an invitation, please address a request to Invitations will be offered until maximum attendance is reached. Further requests will be put on a waiting list. Attendance is free.

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Avenue de Beaulieu, 25
1160 Bruxelles, Belgium

Please note that security checks at the European Commission have been upgraded. We invite participants to arrive early as to avoid queuing and late entry.
Coffee, juice and some viennoiseries will be offered from 8:00 am to all participants at the venue.

The Conference will start at 9:00 sharp.

To facilitate access to the building, registered participants should have received an ePass by email from the Security services of the EC. Please print this ePass, as requested.
For those who would not have an ePass, access might be slower.


Agenda (updated on Nov 18)


PREDICT - Prospective Insights on R&D in ICT

The ICT sector went through the crisis while maintaining its overall share in the European GDP little below 4%, and showed a shift towards IT services. Meanwhile, the USA and Asian countries showed a better economic performance overall and a greater dynamism of their ICT industries and their R&D performance. For instance, between 2006 and 2012 the European ICT sector value added increased by 5% and its R&D expenditure by 10% (in euros, at current prices) while In the USA they both grew more than 20% and in China more than 130 and 190%, respectively, Today, new players are blooming, including from emerging economies, ushering in an array of new services. Moreover foreign incumbent players are thriving, and Internet companies are consolidating – some of them buying out former EU champions.


JRC-IPTS has been carrying out a research project on Prospective Insights on R&D in ICT (PREDICT) for a decade, producing annual reports. PREDICT marshals data and documents trends by combining in a unique way the complementary perspectives from national statistics, company data, and technology-based indicators.

More information on the PREDICT webpages