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Mobilising Europe's Universities for Smart Specialisation

Jun 20 2014

Higher Education Institutions are important employers and service providers that are an integral, permanent part of most regional economies. Yet they can be much more influential and the Smart Specialisation agenda calls for universities and other HEIs to take on a more pro-active role in regional development. A significant amount of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) are now concentrated on research and innovation activities providing a vehicle to mobilize universities. This will require universities to build partnerships with regional partners and understand the rules governing the ESIF. 

Mobilising Europe's Universities for Smart Specialisation Conference will have as main objectives:
* To share the results of the S3 Platform project on universities and smart specialisation
* To raise awareness of the crucial role universities can have in economic and social development, especially at regional level.
*To launch a 'community of practice' around the role of universities in regional development.
Who should attend?
National and regional authorities
Representatives of universities
Stakeholders from enterprise and the innovation community
Staff of the EU institutions