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Methods and models in biomedical sciences: building bridges

Methods and models in biomedical sciences: building bridges
Jun 14 2021
Jun 15 2021

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) is co-organising an online workshop with Champalimaud Foundation, FRESCICONGENTO and QuantOCancer focused on scientific methods and models used in biomedical research.

The workshop aims to create an open cross-disciplinary environment to discuss how the combination of different models can contribute to the development of biomedical sciences.

Scientific advancement is fuelled by increasingly sophisticated models and methods that emerge, evolve and ultimately thrive. Often their full potential is not exploited since these models and methods are applied only by scientists of a defined area of research.

We believe that methods or models can become a bridging vehicle across different scientific communities. As discussed in the JRC BeAMS report, they can break silos, stimulate cross-collaboration, and increase scientific relevance of the generated knowledge.  

The event will foster interaction and discussion between participants and comprises the following sessions:

•    Session A: Sharing state-of-the art non-animal alternative methods: Immuno- oncology as a case study
•    Session B: Breakout World Café – All participants
•    Session C: Making the most of your (animal) data
•    Session D: Panel discussion – Building trust and sustainable bridges

In these sessions examples on how to successfully combine different methods and models to generate knowledge will be presented and discussed.

The event is open to scientists interested in biomedical sciences with any relevant professional profile.

The maximum number of participants is 250.

For registration and a detailed agenda, please follow this link: