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Living Planet Symposium 2016

May 09 2016
May 13 2016

The 2016 European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium (LPS), which in 2013 attracted 1 800 participants, will focus on the exploitation of satellite data in various thematic domains: Atmosphere, Oceanography, Cryosphere, Land, Hazards, Climate and Meteorology, Solid Earth/Geodesy, Near-Earth Environment, New Methodologies and Products, Open Science 2.0.

Many IES scientists will attend the event, including Frédéric Achard, who is a member of the Scientific Committee and will co-chair a forest/REDD+ session. He and Christelle Vancutsem will also give an oral presentation, and Rosana Grecchi and Andreas Langner will present a poster at the symposium.


The symposium will also include a special highlight on agricultural monitoring, discussed in five sessions on day 2, and IES scientists Olivier Leo and Guido Lemoine will be present in a number of agricultural sessions.

The CZECH AGRI Project, initiated by the JRC MARS team, has demonstrated the enormous potential of Sentinel-1 and -2 satellites in large-scale crop-type mapping and the feasibility of combining this imagery with the land parcel information systems of EU Member States. The 2015 results have been selected for display on the LPS promotional billboard (21 by 14 m2!) on the Prague Conference Centre's main building (see picture). A side event is organised by the JRC jointly with DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs and the European Space Agency (ESA) to discuss the way forward for future Copernicus Services components for agriculture.

Czech agriculture from space
Czech agriculture from space
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