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Launch of the European Energy Efficiency Platform (E3P)

Apr 05 2016

Energy Efficiency is at the core of the Europe's 2030 strategy, setting up an indicative target at the EU level of at least 27%  for improving energy efficiency (EE) of future energy consumption based on the current criteria European Council Conclusions, 24th October 2014.

Therefore the European Commission, in collaboration with Member States, has to propose priority sectors in which significant energy efficiency gains can be reaped. The objective is to ensure the necessary regulatory and financial efforts are implemented to address the challenges faced by our economies in terms of jobs, growth, fairness and democratic change.

There is a recognised need to gather, organise, analyse and distribute it in a central system in all related energy efficiency fields. This is why the European Commission is launching the European Energy Efficiency Platform (E3P).

The E3P will be organised around the six thematic areas of energy efficiency in products, cities, buildings, transport, industry and distribution (heating, cooling and electricity). A dedicated IT based platform will be at the centre of the platform with interactive and collaborative features. The E3P will provide robust data and analysis to support those in charge of the development, implementation and monitoring of energy efficiency policy, industry, consumers' organisations, standardisation bodies, research institutes, the scientific community and NGOs at the EU, national, regional and local level.

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