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Kick-off of the JRC Report on the future of cities

Kick-off of the JRC Report on the future of cities
Oct 30 2018

On the World Cities Day, the JRC's Community of Practice on Cities (CoP-CITIES) discusses with selected partners its main research and policy-support activities on cities and the ongoing preparation of the coming Report on the Future of Cities.

The Joint Research centre (JRC) presents the overall concept of the Report on the Future of Cities next 30 October, including insights from the first chapters:

  • the rationale of the report (why should we talk about the future of our cities?);
  • the issue of the definition of a city (what is a city?);
  • the use of space in a city (how can public space help to address future urban challenges?); and
  • the provision of city services (what are the challenges in providing city dwellers with good access to commercial, education and health services, etc.).


/jrc/en/file/document/176477Draft Agenda of the Kick-off of the Report on the future of cities


If you want to attend at the event, please contact:

The session will be web streamed.

The Report on the Future of Cities

Building upon the knowledge produced by CoP-CITIES, the Report on the Future of Cities discusses a series of contemporary urban challenges and emerging phenomena. Building on scientific evidences, the report proposes a description and initial interpretation of emerging urban phenomena. It highlights the possibilities that innovative research methodologies and a multi-disciplinary approach offer to the study of future cities and to the design of sustainable integrated policies supporting urban transformation.

The discussion in the CoP-CITIES will enrich the report will report on the basis of the discussion with stakeholders in the coming months. A final report is planned for the summer of next year. The Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies coordinates the elaboration of the Report.

The Community of Practice on Cities (CoP CITIES)

Cities evolve in shape, size, characteristics, and functions. They are dynamic, innovative, plural, public, and productive by definition. That is why urbanisation, in its different forms, is one of the twenty-first century’s most transformative trends. New technologies and innovative solutions in different fields can help in making cities more attractive, liveable, well governed, and prosperous. Despite the increasing attention to cities at policy level, gaps in knowledge still exist, in particular on new phenomena that take place in cities.

In view of the importance of the urban dimension, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the Commission department on Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO) launched the Community of Practice on Cities last 5 October 2018.

The CoP-CITIES is an initiative of the European Commission, open to cities and networks of cities, international and intergovernmental organisations and research bodies. It builds on and brings together ongoing work and expertise on cities by the Commission. It also complements the policy reach of the KC-TP.