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INSPIRE Conference 2018 | INSPIRE Users: Make it work together

Sep 18 2018
Sep 21 2018

INSPIRE will hold its annual Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, and will focus on the user's side with the goal of benefitting our society and the economy through collaboration.

Call for submissions are open, and organised in 3 different strands:

INSPIRE the Users: In this strand special attention goes to inspiring the usage and users of INSPIRE. Both public and private parties are invited to share their experiences with creating applications that benefit from INSPIRE.

Doing it Together: This strand is dedicated to 'cooperation'. We are looking for examples where the cooperation between public and/or private sector organisations and programmes has been successfully developed to support the implementation of INSPIRE.

Making it work: The strand adressess a more technical approach to ‘make it work’. We are calling for submissions where implementation issues have been identified and where the source of the problems has been - or needs to be - addressed (e.g. Simplifications encoding, Automatisations, quality assessment, etc.)

Submission details.

For further information on INSPIRE and the 2018 Conference, visit the INSPIRE website


The Paris Agreement on Climate Change fuels the energy transition in the world. Circular economy principles, in which we consider waste to be resources, are increasingly incorporated in local policy. Meanwhile administrations, research institutes and curious and involved citizens monitor the natural environment they live in and care for. At the interface of these different actors lies a fundamental asset of the INSPIRE Directive: the obstacle free sharing of geospatial data and information across all levels of government and borders.