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Industrially Contaminated Sites and Health Network - 3rd Plenary Conference COST Action IS1408

Feb 06 2017
Feb 07 2017

This European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action aims to promote coordination and collaboration between researchers and risk managers to identify common strategies at European level to deal with health issues around industrial contaminated sites more systematically. The final aim is to elaborate guidance documents on how to assess the health risks and health impacts around industrial contaminated sites, methods and tools for exposure assessment and risk management and communication.

The JRC's Soil Team (Unit D.3) is monitoring the progress on the management of contaminated sites in Europe and developing the Information Platform for Chemical Monitoring (IPCheM) which aims to ensure a more coordinated approach to collecting, storing, accessing and assessing data related to the occurrence of chemicals and chemical mixtures in human populations, in the terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric environment, in consumer products, and in food and feed.

On 7 February, JRC scientists S. dall Costa and A. Paya Perez will present The European Information Platform on Chemical Monitoring: biomonitoring in ICSs.

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