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Governing better through evidence-informed policy making

Jun 26 2017
Jun 27 2017

There is a growing demand for high quality inclusive public services as well as increased public scrutiny of government spending. Decision makers are facing the need to reach timely decisions in an increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex environment.

Quality evidence can effectively feed into policy and decision making processes, to contribute to the effectiveness of public interventions, achieving inclusive growth, and to help rebuild trust in public institutions and science.

The event intends to promote evidence-informed policy as a key dimension of good public governance. This entails, among others, identifying how governments and public institutions can systematically include scientific evidence in policy and decision making and establish a culture of using quality evidence in practice.

The conference will include plenary and thematic breakout sessions, and use interactive workshops and lab formats. It will be an opportunity to share best practices in how to encourage and facilitate the uptake of evidence in policy making, from high-level political decision making to day-to-day practice and service delivery.


  • Feeding evidence into political decision-making
  • Using evidence in practice: engaging with decision makers
  • International co-operation on evidence-informed policy making
  • Case studies in key policy areas such as early childhood intervention, access to justice, well-being, and risk and crisis management
  • The realities of providing scientific advice
  • Assessing the impact of evidence on policy and practice
  • Key elements for evidence-informed policy making: 
    • Guideline and standards for evidence
    • Diffusing innovations and experimentation
    • Skills for policy-makers and scientists
    • Using behavioural insights to inform policy and practice
  • Identifying actionable next steps for the OECD and partner organisations

/jrc/en/file/document/172495Draft agenda

The event is organised by the OECD Directorate for Public Governance in cooperation with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), the Campbell Collaboration and the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA).

Participants are invited to discuss the challenges they face in connecting evidence to policy, to share expertise and best-practices and to collaborate in promoting a culture of evidence-informed policy making.

Registration is open to government representatives, experts from think tanks, agencies, NGOs and academia interested in public sector reform and bringing evidence and science to bear on decision making.