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European Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy - launch

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May 26 2015
May 26 2015

The high-level conference will launch a joint initiative between the Directorates-General (DG) for Regional and Urban Policy, Energy, and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) setting up a platform on Smart Specialisation on Energy.

Smart specialisation is an innovative approach of the European Commission to promote economic growth and prosperity. The concept promotes an efficient, effective and targeted use of public investment in research and innovation enabling regions to focus on their relative strengths. DG JRC and DG for Regional and Urban Policy have established the Smart Specialisation Platform (S3P) with the objective of assisting regions across Europe in the development of appropriate and tailored strategies. The Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy will collaborate specifically with interested regions and countries in order to accelerate the development and deployment of energy technologies.

This launch event aims to achieve a shared vision on the development of knowledge-based energy policies in the regions. The subsequent objective is to set up a strategic agenda of collaborative work in the framework of Smart Specialisation to foster the identification, adaptation, creation and deployment of innovative practices. This will facilitate the alignment of cohesion funds with the priorities of the European Energy Union, developing effective strategies, recommendations and concrete bottom-up cooperation opportunities for sustainable growth in a low-carbon economy.


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John Bensted-Smith, Director of the Joint Research Centre's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, European Commission
The Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy: S3P-energy

Graeme Dickson, Director-General for Enterprise, Environment and Innovation, Scottish Government
Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy

Dirk Hendricks, Senior Policy Advisor, European Renewable Energies Federation
Energy priorities of regions and needs for support

Michele De Nigris, Chair of International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN)
View of the smart grid infrastructure industry