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Special Issue Conference: Globally Sustainable Banking & Finance: in support of evidence based policy making

Oct 11 2021
Oct 12 2021
Belfast and online

What is the impact of different environmental policies on the side of governments, central banks and financial institutions? How can economic actors effectively advance the low carbon transition through green financial instruments and low carbon investment strategies? What are the drivers of the cost of debt for green and polluting industries? How have cultural, spatial and institutional factors shaped the funding of green and de-funding of polluting intensive business models?

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Further information

A special issue of the "International Review of Financial Analysis" will be published after the Conference. Guest editors are:

Lucia Alessi (European Commission - JRC)

Theodor F. Cojoianu (Queen’s University Belfast and EU Platform on Sustainable Finance)

Declan French (Queen’s University Belfast)

Andreas G.F. Hoepner (University College Dublin & EU Platform on Sustainable Finance)