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Challenges 2017 - Prevention by Information

Oct 27 2016
Oct 28 2016

We all, are exposed to a rising flood of information. This also holds true for the manifold aspects of food safety and consumer protection.

Food surveillance activities generate data and documents, describing and evaluating the events of the past. The central challenge now is to obtain sound knowledge for the assessment of future events from information from the food chain. This leads us to pose various questions such as:

  • How do consumers perceive food and food risk information? How should information be drawn up for consumers to provide effective preventive protection?
  • Are public authorities, as well as industry provided with suitable methods of early recognition, to identify problems early and avert crises?
  • Can findings of national food control and controls of international trade be used to derive preventive measures or detect, for instance, food fraud?

All these questions will be discussed at this symposium.

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