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Behavioural Insights Applied to Policy: European Report 2016 (BIAP 2016)

Feb 22 2016
Feb 23 2016

There is growing recognition that behavioural insights (BIs) – by shedding light on how people actually make choices – help deliver more effective policies and complement traditional forms of intervention. BIAP 2016 covers 32 European Countries (EU + EFTA) and presents a wealth of policy interventions either implicitly or explicitly informed by BIs. It also reviews institutional developments and puts forward a comparative framework (PRECIS) describing national teams applying BIs to policy-making.

BIAP 2016 comes at an important point in time. The European Commission (EC) has been a front-runner in bringing BIs into legislation and regulatory intervention. In the coming years, BIs will certainly have a broader role in supporting the EC's Better Regulation Agenda.

Commissioner Navracsics will open the event and Prof. Madrian (Harvard Kennedy School) will deliver a speech about the added value of linking academic research to policy-making.

The event will gather mainly policy-makers from European Institutions and from around 26 national governments in Europe. A few NGOs, businesses, think tanks, researchers and journalists will also attend. The purpose is to share knowledge on how BIs are being applied to diverse policy fields, promote links among the different actors, and inspire new applications of BIs to policy.

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Country overviews

Besides the report, a set of country-specific fact sheets are available. For each of the 31 European countries analysed, examples of policy initiatives informed by behavioural insights are given, along with the methodologies used, the key institutions involved in the application of behavioural insights, and the networks and collaborations taking place in this field.