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5th International Spectroradiometer and Broadband Intercomparison 2015

May 18 2015
May 22 2015

Quality matters - measuring sunlight spectral content for solar energy applications

Photovoltaics are emerging as a big provider of electric electricity. For technology developers, reliable measurement of both the quality and quantity of the solar resource is critical. Reliable spectral data is also important for atmospheric sciences. The JRC's annual International Spectro-Radiometer Intercomparison  gets together top  European research laboratories for checking and comparing their primary instruments for broadband and spectral solar irradiance measurements. This year's event took place a at INTA, Madrid.  Fifteen laboratories/universities participated for a total of 25 attendees and more than 67 instruments involved. In parallel, JRC staff performed a calibration of top-level photovoltaic cells used to provide traceability to SI units. The annual market in PV products has grown to over €25bn, and assuring high power measurement accuracy is important to producers, investors and consumers.



INTA (Instituto Nacional de T├ęcnica Aeroespacial)

Ctra de Ajalvir, Km 4

28850 Torrejon de Ardoz