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The 3rd ECVET Seminar customized for nuclear energy sector

Nov 12 2014
Nov 14 2014

In the last five years (2009-2013) the IET-JRC has developed a strategy and a road map for ECVET implementation in the nuclear energy sector (NES).

According to current stage of the road map for ECVET implementation in the NES, it is necessary to test the implementation of the ECVET process within the NES, through a pilot project.

Therefore the 3rd ECVET Seminar customized for NES is focused on ECVET pilot project setting up.

The 3rd ECVET Seminar for the Nuclear Energy Sector will be held in Rome, Hotel – Nord Nuova Roma (Italy) on 12th- 14th November 2014.
The seminar’s main objectives are: identification of the ECVET tools, necessary for a Pilot project implementation (including the financing scheme); presentation of the proposal PILOT PROJECTS candidatures; identification of Pilot project partners (namely the NPPs or radioactive waste facilities) among the interested participants.

 The seminar will be led by the ECVET Team facilitators, with the support of the JRC ECVET team.