EU Science Hub

21st MARS Conference

Nov 24 2015
Nov 25 2015

Feedback of the first year of implementation of the new CAP reform

The conference offers an opportunity for Member State Administrations, EU officials, Image Providers and contractors to meet and discuss particular problems or innovations concerning the whole management of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) direct aids, such as controls with Remote Sensing (CwRS), Land Parcel Identification Systems (LPIS) management and quality assessment, permanent Ecological Focus Area (EFA) creation and management, and GNSS technologies in support of CAP.

In planning your trip, please consider participating in an ice-breaker which will take place on the evening of 23rd. The co-organising Greek authority will offer the social dinner on the evening of 24th.

G4CAP (the updated WEB application, which manages the CAP image acquisition) TRAINING, DEMO, and FAQ SESSION is scheduled in a dedicated room during both days.Download the brochure here: G4CAP brochure.pdf





1.    Direct payments:policy and implementation ( P Bascou, DG AGRI ) 
2.    Outcomes of the LPIS Workshop Baveno (W_Devos,_JRC)
3.    Outcomes of the OTSC Workshop Varese (P_Loudjani,_JRC)
4.    Outcomes of the GAEC/Greening Workshop Prague (V_Angileri,_JRC)
5.    First year of greening implementation in Greece (C Panagopoulos, OPEKEPE)
6.    Implementation and Simplification for Direct Payments and IACS in particular (O Jones, DG AGRI)
7.    Specific simplification proposals in the field of IACS (B Riksen, DG AGRI
8.    Preliminary (conference) survey results (W Devos, JRC)
9.    Online tool for CwRS results quality check (C Van der Sande, NEO BV)
10.  Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model for CwRS in UK-Wales (F Slaviero, Abaco, & H Morgan, RP Wales)
11.  Technological applications for field inspection (G Bevilacqua, AVEPA)
12.  Use of RPAS for OTSC (Peter Eigaard, Danish Agrifish Agency)
13.  OTSC with RPAS in difficult areas (A Grogan, J O’Rourke, Ministry of Agriculture IE)
14.  2015 CwRS VHR campaign Part 1 (M Locherer, G Ellis EUSI)
15.  2015 CwRS HR campaign (N Faget, Airbus)
16.  2015 LPIS QA campaign: outcomes and lessons learnt (P Milenov, JRC)
17.  Outlook 2016 (P Aastrand, JRC)
18.  Finland’s CwRS experience (A Munck, MAVI)
19.  Campaign 2015 vs Campaign 2016 in the framework of CwRS (R Ivanova-Stoyanova, SFA)
20.  IACS and LULUCF developments (M Bertaglia, JRC)
21.  Ag|knowledge - a field monitoring service (Stefan Shrerer, GeoCledian)
22.  Can Sentinel data revolutionize CAP processes? (Grega Milcinski Sinergise)
23.  Agriculture parcels monitoring for CAP eligibility and greening compliance by Sentinel 2 (Volpe-Rossi, e-Geos)
24.  Monitoring of grass cutting with Sentinel-1 (K Voormansik,_Tartu_Obs.)
25.  Emerging possibilities with Sentinel 2 ( P Milenov, JRC)


Poster presentations:

  1. Opportunities of using Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) for control of agricultural subsidies by Kai Raudvere (Tartu observatory), REGIO and FotoGlider
  2. Catching catch crops by D Vogt (RVO,NL), C van der Sande, J van de Kamp and M Hazekamp (NEO, NL)
  3. Increased use of VHR data and its side effects in 2015 by J Brockmann, JV Korte, G van den Berg, R Stein (EFTAS)
  4. Authentication of RPAS image metadata for CAP by B Tapsall (ATLAS GIC)
  5. RPAS supporting the CAP: EFA by B Tapsall (ATLAS GIC)
  6. Benchmarking of the RPAS use for CAP Direct Payments OTSC by C Lucau (JRC)
  7. The EFA calculator: a software tool to support farmers’ decisions on EFA  by J Tzilivakis, D Warner (University of Hertfordshire, UK), V Angileri (JRC)
  8. Application of SAR data in ReSAC by Z Dimitrov, R Radkov (ReSAC, BG)
  9. Eligibility Coefficient in permanent pasture by A C Villegas (TRAGCA, ES), R A Rodriguez (FEGA)
  10. Synoptic overview of EO satellites by A Oddone (e-Geos)