EU Science Hub

1st Global Conference on GMO Analysis

Jun 24 2008
Jun 27 2008

Growing global deployment of GM crops in agricultural production and trade has led to increasing complexity in identity preservation operations of diverse agricultural commodity production supply chains within progressively more complex and evolving market demands.

Although much progress has been achieved in the development of identity preservation strategies, implementation aspects still pose considerable scientific and technical challenges to enable successful global market functioning.

Within this context, the conference aims to address the science and technology underpinning GMO control and analysis by bringing together international experts willing to share knowledge and participate in promoting international scientific dialogue across diverse yet interdependent areas such as:

  • Sampling for GMO analysis;
  • Analytical tools and applied procedures along the commodity production chains;
  • Consistency of test results, result interpretation and reporting;
  • Harmonizing Standards for Detection of Genetically Modified Traits.

This conference is aimed at all stakeholders involved in GMO control and analysis, including industry and regulators, and beyond.

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