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18th European biomass conference & exhibition

Development of second-generation biofuels is one part of the drive for an increased share of renewable energy
©John Nyberg
May 03 2010
May 07 2010

The 18th European biomass conference & exhibition, which took place in Lyon, France from 3 to 7 May, covered the entire range of bioenergy issues: resource availability, conversion technologies, demonstration projects, integration in the energy system, environmental impact and market deployment as well as the need for policy actions. The JRC Institute for Energy (IE) coordinated the technical programme of the event, which attracted more than 1000 delegates from 70 countries.  

On 6 May, Giovanni de Santi, Director of JRC-IE, presented the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) focusing on the JRC-run information system SETIS. This was followed by an interesting debate on the European Industrial Initiatives, and particularly on the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI).

With a view to Europe' goal to achieve a share of 20% of energy supplied by renewable sources, it is estimated that up to 14% of the energy supply in the EU could come from biomass, and second generation biofuels could play a major role. These ambitious targets call for Member States, industry, NGOs and other players to identify and prioritise large demonstration projects to develop the full exploitation of second-generation biofuels, and alternative thermo-chemical and biological pathways.

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