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"The #EUwomen4future campaign will feature extraordinary women active in research, innovation, education, culture and sport. It will put the spotlight on some of the great achievements that will help shape tomorrow’s Europe. Without its talented and hard-working professional women Europe cannot – and will not – move forward. My hope is that this campaign will also inspire you, women and girls - in the EU and beyond - to fulfil your ambitions and go after your dreams." Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

/jrc/en/file/182952Launch of the #EUwomen4Future campaign

Our #EUwomen4future campaign showcases women’s work and values their achievements in

  •  Science, research and innovation
  •  Education & youth
  •  Culture
  •  Sports

With their examples they pass on the message that gender equality is fundamental to prosperous and fair society.

They encourage women and girls across the EU and beyond to seek opportunities and fulfil their professional and personal aspirations.

#EUwomen4future seeks to

  • celebrate women across the EU involved in the above mentioned fields
  • showcase EU commitment to gender equality & closing the gender gap
  • highlight successful professionals to encourage young girls to study STEM subjects
  • build networks to help other women and act as role models
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Corinne Sadki is marketing and communication manager with strong experience in the music industry.

Music has always been my driving force. Its strength transcends borders, defies divisions, unites people and heals souls. As a European, I believe in its unifying power.

La musique est mon moteur depuis toujours. Sa force dépasse les frontières, défie les clivages, unit les peuples et soigne les âmes. En tant qu’européenne, je crois en son pouvoir unificateur.

Corinne Versini is CEO at GenesInk.

Being a woman and funding your own company in Europe, and particularly in the south of France, is almost a mission impossible without the help of Europe.

Etre une femme et financer sa propre entreprise en Europe et particulièrement dans le sud de la France est quasiment mission impossible sans l'aide de l'Europe.

Danae Delbeke, is founder and CEO of Indigo.

To be creative, you must let go of the fear of being wrong.

Om creatief te zijn, moet je je angst om verkeerd te zijn laten gaan.

Danuse Nerudova is full professor at Mendel University Brno and the first woman rector since its establishment in 1919.

Never give up and believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible.

Nikdy se nevzdávejte a věřte v sebe. Nic není nemožné.

Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Professor at the Central European University (CEU) and Vice Chair of Working Group III (Mitigation) of the IPCC

With innovative solutions we can build a climate neutral economy providing better health, well-being, justice and welfare.

Innovatív megoldásokkal klímasemleges gazdaságot építhetunk, ami egyben igazságosabb es egészségesebb is.

Edilia Gaenz is Director of the FEDORA platform.

Philanthropy, alongside public funding, will play an increasing pivotal role in sustaining creativity and innovation in the performing arts.

Efka Heder is Team Leader of the project Aligning Education for Employment (ALLED2), funded by the EU and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

Future is in our schools today, as the most valuable resource we have are people.

Budućnost je u našim školama danas jer najvažniji resurs koji imamo su ljudi.

Elena Luptak is lecturer, choregrapher, and performer.

Actually often we are not afraid of our weakness, but we are afraid of our powerful side. So called Jonas syndrom. Let us develop a society, where woman can live and act all their talents!

V podstate nemame strach z nasich chyb, mame strach ukazat nasu plnu silu. Takzvany Jonas syndrom. Skusme rozvinut spolocnost, kde zeny mozu a chcu aktivne uplatnit vsetky svoje talenty!

Ellen Van Vooren is Coordinator at the Children's Rights Knowledge Centre.

Human rights should serve what they are meant to serve: challenging inequalities and questioning the status quo. Let us take human rights out of their comfort zone: connect the uncommon, come together and dare to experiment.

In essentie moeten mensenrechten ongelijkheden tegengaan en de status quo vermijden. Laten we mensenrechten dus uit hun comfortzone halen: verbind het ongewone, kom samen en durf te experimenteren.

Prof Elvira Fortunato is Vice Rector of Nova University Lisbon, Portugal.

Never give up. Nothing is impossible until it happens.

Nunca desistir. Nada é impossível até acontecer.