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Ms Sonja Karbon

Sonja Karbon is EU Projects Manager,  Womens Profession Center Tyrol, Frauen im Brennpunkt

The goal of gender equality is that every individual has a free choice and doesn't get lost in comparison.

Ziel der Geschlechtergleichstellung ist es jeder/m Wahlfreiheit zu ermöglichen & sich nicht im Vergleich zu verlieren.

Passionate about tackling the challenges of achieving gender equality in the framework of SDG 5, Sonja Karbon is responsible for the overall project management of the Womens Profession Center in Tyrol/Austria, which provides educational and vocational guidance for women.

The aim of the center is to support women so that they have a choice in their career path and do not have to make cut backs due to systemic constraints.

She also manages Erasmus+ projects related to adult education as well as vocational training. Ms Karbon believes that a strategic partnership at European level in the context of gender equality has a remarkable potential to improve the overall situation of women in each country across Europe. It is a great benefit for each partner organisation and can widen the perspective of each individual.

In addition to the work at Frauen im Brennpunkt, Ms Karbon is self-employed in the area of consulting (especially for concept and project development), seminars on diversity, communication, women in leadership, teaching at University and coaching of professional change processes.