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"The #EUwomen4future campaign will feature extraordinary women active in research, innovation, education, culture and sport. It will put the spotlight on some of the great achievements that will help shape tomorrow’s Europe. Without its talented and hard-working professional women Europe cannot – and will not – move forward. My hope is that this campaign will also inspire you, women and girls - in the EU and beyond - to fulfil your ambitions and go after your dreams." Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

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Our #EUwomen4future campaign showcases women’s work and values their achievements in

  •  Science, research and innovation
  •  Education & youth
  •  Culture
  •  Sports

With their examples they pass on the message that gender equality is fundamental to prosperous and fair society.

They encourage women and girls across the EU and beyond to seek opportunities and fulfil their professional and personal aspirations.

#EUwomen4future seeks to

  • celebrate women across the EU involved in the above mentioned fields
  • showcase EU commitment to gender equality & closing the gender gap
  • highlight successful professionals to encourage young girls to study STEM subjects
  • build networks to help other women and act as role models
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Adelina Sanchez Espinosa  is Professor in English Literature and Women's Studies at University of Granada (UGR), Spain.

Transnational gender training is essential if we want to construct a more inclusive, response-able, solidary and communal wellfare driven Europe.

La formación transnacional en Estudios de las Mujeres y de Género es fundamental para seguir construyendo una Europa justa, inclusiva, responsable y conducente al bien común de su ciudadanía.

Ana Maria Costa is Rector of the University of Evora, Portugal.

Never say: it is not possible. For anything to be possible just need to want it! Always follow your dreams! Life is too short!

Nunca se diz: Não é possível. Para acontecer...basta querer! sigam sempre o sonho! a vida é curta demais!

Ana Proykova is a research professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) at Sofia University.

Curiosity drives science.

Любопитството движи науката.

Anaïs Barut is the CEO and one of the cofounders of DAMAE Medical

When there is a will to innovate, there is always a way! And when there is a way, it's our responsibility to make it happen.

Si nous voulons innover, nous pouvons le faire. Si nous pouvons innover, nous devons le faire.

Dr Andreja Kutnar is an Associate Professor in the field wood science at University of Primorska in Koper Slovenia and director of the InnoRenew CoE.

Make your mornings wonderful by following your passion and heart.

Naj bodo vaša jutra čudovita, ker sledite svoji strastem in srcu.

Anna Chioti, Head of Division Pharmacy and Medicines at Luxembourg Health Directorate

Eagerness to learn, exploration, passion and the ability to believe in your dreams are the sparks of innovation.

Soif d’apprendre, exploration, passion et capacité à croire en ses rêves sont les étincelles de l’innovation.

Anna Czaman is a disability activist.

Pretending to be someone you are not, it's so easy to impress others, and yet become your very own, biggest disappointment.

Udając kogoś, kim nie jesteś możesz z łatwością zaimponować innym i stać się swoim własnym, największym rozczarowaniem.

Beata Hasiów-Jaroszewska is an Associate Professor and Chief of the Department of Virology and Bacteriology in the Institute of Plant Protection-National Research Institute in Poland.

The most important thing is to do what you love and share your passion with others.

Najważniejsze to robić to, co się kocha i dzielić się swoją pasją z innymi.

Birgitta Kristina Kervinen, honorary president of the European non-governmental sports organisation (ENGSO)

Everyone has the right to play. Sport belongs to everyone regardless of race, culture, religion, sex or social class.

Työ tasa-arvoisen liikuntakulttuurin saavuttamiseksi on meidän kaikkien vastuulla, se ei ole vain naisten tehtävä.

Chiara Petrioli is Professor at University of Rome La Sapienza, Founder and Director WSense Srl.

As a kid I was always fascinated by the abysses described by Jules Verne. Today I help exploring them with the technology I invented. Hold on to your dreams!

Da bambina ero affascinata dagli abissi descritti nei libri di Jules Verne. Oggi contribuisco ad esplorarli con le tecnologie che ho inventato. Mantenete vivi i vostri sogni!