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ESTAF - EURL ECVAM Stakeholder Forum

The EURL ECVAM Stakeholder Forum (ESTAF) is our instrument for ensuring close dialogue is maintained with our non-governmental stakeholders. This includes parties from industry, academia and civil society organisations.

The Role of ESTAF

ESTAF is a forum for stakeholders to voice opinion that is relevant to the ongoing mission of EURL ECVAM. The following are examples of ESTAF's activities:

  • To provide a forum for stakeholder advocacy and the communication of stakeholder interests (e.g. economical, societal, sectorial interests)
  • To provide upstream input on the relevance and applicability of proposed test methods and testing strategies from a user's perspective
  • Communication of new activities, trends, scientific and technical issues, etc.
  • Discussion about strategic and practical aspects of test method development, optimisation, validation and use
  • To serve as a collaborative platform to support and participate in joint ESTAF and EURL ECVAM activities
  • Commenting on draft EURL ECVAM Recommendations following ESAC peer review of validation studies

Representation on the ESTAF

Current Members of ESTAF

Meetings and Operation

List of Meetings and Summary Records