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Test method submission

Submission of new test methods to EURL ECVAM

For the evaluation of a test method to enter the EURL ECVAM (pre)validation process, a new test method needs to be submitted to EURL ECVAM in the correct way.

The first step is to compile the electronic version of the test presubmission form.

After that, and if we ask you to do it, there is step two, which is a complete submission.

The entire EURL ECVAM test submission process follows two mandatory steps:

Step 1 - Presubmission

Presubmission is based on the EURL ECVAM test presubmission form and is a mandatory requirement for a test method to be considered for the EURL ECVAM validation process.

The completed test presubmission form (with all completed sections) will allow us to perform a preliminary assessment of the status of the development, optimisation and/or validation of the test method and its potential relevance with regard to the Three Rs (replacement, reduction, refinement of animal testing).

Step 2 - Complete submission 

This step requires the compilation of a detailed test submission template (TST), which we will provide. This lets you give us a comprehensive evaluation of the method that you have submitted.

We will provide you with extensive guidance. The test submitter will be formally invited to complete this step of the process.

Once we have evaluated it, we will provide you with a final decision. The decision will depend on whether the submitted test method qualifies for entering the (pre-)validation process and also a decision on what stage it will enter the EURL ECVAM validation process.

Here is some more guidance:

How to submit a test method for validation

A list of the test methods assessed by EURL ECVAM and its international partners in the framework of ICATM is available through the Tracking System for Alternative methods towards Regulatory acceptance (TSAR).