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Skin Irritation: SkinEthic Skin Irritation Test (SIT)

The SkinEthic Skin irritation Test (SIT) can be used to predict the acute skin irritation potential of chemicals/substances.

The method uses the SkinEthic reconstructed human epidermis model and involves the topical application of a chemical for 42 minutes followed by 42 hours incubation and then determination of cell viability via the MTT assay.

The method and protocol have received regulatory approval as a full replacement for the in vivo (rabbit) skin irritation test under an EC test method regulation as method B.46 and OECD test guideline No. 439.

The results of the validation study, the peer review of ESAC and our recommendations can be found on TSAR, the Tracking System for Alternative methods towards Regulatory acceptance.

Read more about the SkinEthic Skin Irritation Test (SIT) on TSAR

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SkinEthic Skin irritation Test (SIT)

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