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PARERE - EURL ECVAM Network for Preliminary Assessment of Regulatory Relevance

PARERE is a network of national regulators that provides EURL ECVAM with upstream input and preliminary views on potential regulatory relevance of methods or approaches submitted to EURL ECVAM for validation and/or peer review.

Find out about the role of PARERE, representation in PARERE, its meetings and operation and finally a list of meetings with agendas and minutes below.

Role of PARERE

PARERE has a number of roles to fulfil:

  • To provide upstream input on potential regulatory relevance and suitability of proposed test methods and testing strategies.
  • Facilitate information flow between EURL ECVAM and regulators regarding the development and validation of methods and to identify areas that need specific attention.
  • Identification of regulatory experts to participate in specific EURL ECVAM project groups (e.g. ITS design, validation management groups, expert workshops etc.).
  • Provide comments on draft EURL ECVAM recommendations following ESAC peer review of validation studies.
  • Support and promote the role of EU-NETVAL laboratories to facilitate their participation as a testing and/or lead laboratory in EURL ECVAM led validation studies.

Representatives in PARERE

List of Members of PARERE

Meetings and Operation

List of Meetings and Summary Records