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EURIPIDIS (European Innovation Policies for the Digital Shift)

In order to reinforce understanding of innovation in the ICT sector and of ICT-enabled innovation in the rest of the economy, JRC and DG CONNECT launched the 3-year research project on European Innovation Policies for the Digital Shift (EURIPIDIS) in 2013.

The purpose of the EURIPIDIS project was to provide evidence-based support to the policies, instruments and measurement needs of DG CONNECT for enhancing ICT innovation in Europe, as part of the Digital Agenda for Europe and of the ICT priority of Horizon 2020, paying particular attention to the improvement of the transfer of best research ideas to the market.

EURIPIDIS aimed to:

  • Better understand how ICT innovation works, both at the level of actors such as firms, and at the level of the ICT “innovation system” in the EU
  • Assess the EU's current ICT innovation performance, by attempting to measure ICT innovation in Europe and measuring the impact of existing policies and instruments (such as FP7 and Horizon 2020).
  • Explore and suggest how policy makers could make ICT innovation in the EU work better.

In particular, EURIPIDIS strived to:

  • Explore and map the relations between the ICT innovation system and the different innovation models of actors ranging from start-up to multi-national companies.
  • Identify drivers and barriers for the transfer of research ideas to the market.
  • Measure the EU's ICT innovation performance and identify the role and position of Europe in the global landscape.
  • Analyse and assess the barriers and drivers for ICT innovation.
  • Investigate the innovative impact of FP7.
  • Relate the analysed evidence about the ICT innovation performance, process and gap to the conception, monitoring and evaluation of EU policies for ICT research and innovation.
EURIPIDIS built on the previous and current JRC research projetcs:
INDPOL, EIPE, PREDICT, Patent intelligence for policy support.
In view of the need for better understanding the implications of innovation policy for the on-going digital transformation, a new joint DG JRC-DG CONNECT project (RISES: Research on Innovation, Startup Europe and Standardisation) will start early 2017 to further explore these issues.