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EUFRAT Call for Proposal

The EUFRAT Call for Proposals is permanently open. Proposals can be submitted at any time. The standard application-form must be used.

The Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) with a panel of international experts will assess and select the proposals. The PAC will meet twice per year. Proposals that have been submitted before the closing date of a Call will be evaluated during the consecutive PAC meeting, in accordance with the following schedule:


6 June 2014  

Launch of first Call for proposals

30 June 2014

Closing date for first Call for proposals

July 2014

First PAC meeting

1 September 2014

Start of first experiments

15 October 2014  

Launch of second Call for proposals

15 November 2014

Closing date for second Call for proposals

December 2014

Second PAC meeting

15 May 2015, 2016…  

Launch of next Call for proposals

15 June 2015, 2016…

Closing date for next Call of proposals

July 2015, 2016…

First annual PAC meeting

15 Oct. 2015, 2016…     

Launch of second annual Call for proposals

15 Nov. 2015, 2016…  

Closing date for second annual Call for proposals

Dec. 2015, 2016…  

Second annual PAC meeting


A proposal must be submitted by e-mail to the Chairman of the PAC at: with copy to: