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Competence areas and learning progress

EntreComp consists of 3 competence areas:

  • Ideas & Opportunities
  • Resources
  • Into action

Each of these split in five specific competences.

EntreComp areas and compenteces

Competence areas and competences are interrelated and should be treated as a whole. There are different threads beneath each competence that describe what they mean in practical terms. These threads are the building blocks of each competence.

EntreComp thematic threads

Learning progress

The progression in entrepreneurial learning is made up of two aspects:

  1. Developing increasing independence and responsibility in acting upon ideas and opportunities to create value;
  2. Developing the capacity to generate value from simple and predictable contexts up to complex, constantly changing environments.

EntreComp associates a learning outcome to every thematic thread across 8 progression levels from foundation to intermediate, advanced and expert level, each split into two sub-levels.

  • At Foundation level, entrepreneurial value is created with external support.
  • At Intermediate level, entrepreneurial value is created with increasing autonomy.
  • At Advanced level, responsibility to transform ideas into action is developed.
  • At Expert level, the value created has considerable impact in its reference domain.

The image below shows how the EntreComp can be progressively unfolded to reach a finer grain of detail.

EntreComp building blocks