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The Covenant of Mayors is an ambitious initiative of the European Commission that gives the lead to Europe’s pioneering cities to mitigate climate change through the implementation of intelligent local sustainable energy policies that create stable local jobs, increase citizens’ quality of life and address crucial social issues.

The Covenant of Mayors is a commitment by signatory towns and cities to go beyond the objectives of EU energy policy in terms of reduction in CO2 emissions through enhanced energy efficiency and cleaner energy production and use. Signatories of the Covenant of Mayors contribute to these policy objectives through a formal commitment to go beyond this target through the implementation of their Sustainable Energy Action Plan. The formal commitment of signatories is translated into concrete measures and projects in the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). Signatory cities accept to report and being monitored on the implementation of their Action Plans. They also accept termination of their involvement in the Covenant in case of non-compliance. Cities also commit to allocating sufficient human resources to the tasks, mobilising society in their geographical areas to take part in implementation of the action plan, including organisation of local energy days, and networking with other cities.

A detailed guidebook for Sustainable Energy Action Plans and Emissions Inventory is available in five languages: (en) (de) (fr) (es) (it).


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