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Country Performance

Country Performance overview provides the country’s overall performance in the EIDES index.

  1. Country group indicates the country’s performance relative to others, grouped in four categories.
    • Laggards (EIDES index score below 35)
    • Catchers-up (35 < EIDES score ≤ 45)
    • Followers (45 < EIDES score ≤ 70)
    • Leaders (EIDES score over 70)
  2. EIDES rank is the country’s EIDES index rank among the covered countries.
  3. EIDES score is the EIDES overall index score on a scale from 0 (low) to 100 (high).
  4. The three sub-indices show the country’s rank and score (bracketed) for each of the three sub-indices: the Digital Entrepreneurship Stand-up sub-index, the Digital Entrepreneurship Start-up sub-index, and the Digital Entrepreneurship Scale-up sub-index. Sub-index scores are on a scale from 0 to 100 index points.

The colours in the table have the following interpretation:

  • the top quartile,
  • the second quartile,
  • the third quartile,
  • the bottom quartile.



 Country Name 
 Country Group 
 EIDES Score (rank) 
 Digital Entrepreneurship Stand-up Sub-Index Score 
 Digital Entrepreneurship Start-up Sub-Index Score 
 Digital Entrepreneurship Scale-up Sub-Index Score