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Energy Transition from a European Perspective

In the framework of the European Forum for Science and Industry, the JRC, in close cooperation with DG Energy and the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology, is undertaking a project on Energy Transition from a European Perspective. The purpose of the project is to gain a better science-based understanding of the challenges for the electricity system created by intermittent energy sources. The energy field is one of the crucial issues for policy makers for years to come.

In a first phase the project focused on four Round Table discussions addressing flexibility and balancing needs to integrate renewables, scenario building for transmission and distribution grids, the added value of regional cross-border initiatives and trends in the energy mix and energy markets. About 1,500 key stakeholders from European and Member State authorities, energy utilities, transmission and distribution system operators, industry, financial services, and consumers were invited to participate.

You can find background information (including programmes, minutes and presentations) on the Round Tables here:

  • Scientific support to capacity markets and the integration of renewables, July 2013
  • Scientific support to electrical transmission and distribution systems, September 2013
  • Scientific support to the energy mix, November 2013
  • Scientific support to energy markets, December 2013

In a second phase the results of the Round Table discussions will be used for further analysis of political, economic and technological aspects of the energy challenge. The JRC is working on a comprehensive overview of electricity generation sources; of present and future trends in the energy mix to provide a better understanding how these sources are interconnected, in competition, conflict and/or complementary. The JRC, in close cooperation with DG Energy, DG Climate Action and DG Mobility and Transport is developing an integrated modelling approach.

The JRC will give scientific advice on the next steps on the path to further transformation of the electricity sector towards the single market. Initial project outcomes will be available in time to serve as input in the decision-making process of the European Council in early spring 2014.