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What is SELFIEforTEACHERS Support Testimonials Launch About
  • "I now know where I stand – when I got the feedback report I was thrilled to see I was at the ‘leader’ level. It felt good to see I am on the right path." (Primary school teacher, Portugal)
  • "The tool allowed me to reflect on my teaching practices and bring to light my strengths and weaknesses – it helped me give a name to my everyday action". (Primary school teacher, Italy)

  • "Using SELFIEforTEACHERS was really useful because of the individual focus. You get a unique picture of where you are at as a learner, not just a teacher. I like the fact the feedback was personalised. I thought I was fairly forward-thinking and I use technology a lot but I learned there are weaknesses that I need to focus on." (Secondary school teacher, Ireland)
  • "Like our pupils, we also are learners – as teachers as are pursuing continuous professional growth and improvement." (Primary school teacher, Italy)
  • "It was an interesting and rewarding experience for me. The feedback report showed me what I can improve in the future. This helped me to plan my next year’s activities." (Secondary school teacher, Lithuania)
  • "The feedback encourages me to work within a collaborative way with colleagues, have informal chats, and take concrete actions at school. I would like to set up a community of practice within the school to share ideas. A good starting point is the results from the group self-reflection. It would be great to share aggregated data with the staff to help us define actions and goals at the school level." (Primary school teacher, Italy)
  • "The visuals helped me to see the results easily. I could see which areas where I need to improve my skills. I got tips that helped me plan my activities in the next year. SELFIEforTEACHERS should be used once per year to see how the digital competencies are improving and what areas need to be improved further." (Secondary school teacher, Estonia)
  • "The power is knowing where to go next, what to do next to build digital capabilities. What would really help is to link the tips and feedback on what is available locally for the teachers." (Teacher educator, Ireland)
  • "Teachers liked the fact that it helped foster strategic planning and thinking for future action (for their teaching and professional learning). It helped teachers individually but also helped them collaborate within their teaching community." (Researcher, Italy)
  • "The data can help us policymakers to make decisions and priority areas, how to find resources for teachers or curriculum ideas or ideas for programs and school level. SELFIEforTEACHERS is important for teachers but also policymakers to make decisions." (Policy Maker, Lithuania)
  • It is coming at exactly the right time. As we move post-Covid, we are asking how can we involve teachers more meaningfully in how they can build their digital capabilities and competence. A major challenge is knowing where they are at in terms of competence. This tool is really of benefit to teachers." (Teacher educator, Ireland)
  • "With the tool, we can extract important info to design better teacher education programs. With the data we can extract we can work with our universities on this so they design specific courses to match the needs of our teachers. As a regional government, we can use the data to respond better to the needs of teachers and better learning for our students." (Policy maker, Portugal)
  • "SELFIEforTEACHERS is a gamechanger – it is a step very much in the right direction, it will offer encouragement, information, possibility of peer support, allows teachers to see what they are capable of and what need to build on to become even more capable in their use of tech." (Teacher educator, Ireland)
  • "If we could contextualize the recommendations according to what is available for each country that would really help, eg specific learning resources or courses available in that country." (Researcher, Estonia)