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Governance of the DigComp framework

The DigComp framework is governed using a multi-stakeholder model where DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and JRC lead the management and quality assurance.

Further collaboration takes place with a wider set of stakeholders and "end users" such as national authorities, interest groups and key players (e.g. other digital competence frameworks and training providers).

Language versions of DigComp

Part of the DigComp framework and self-assessment questions have been translated in 28 languages by Cedefop as part of the Europass services.

New competence frameworks derived from DigComp

The DigComp framework can be used as a base to develop a digital competence framework for a specific context. This is considered as being a derivative work of DigComp.

Versioning of DigComp

Changes are needed to keep the DigComp framework up-to-date and relevant to modern day challenges. They take place in every 2-4 years in order to minimise any excessive efforts needed from stakeholders to implement or adopt the DigComp framework.

Getting involved with DigComp

Shaping DigComp into a practical tool is done through the active involvement of people from the education and training sector, the labour market and the social partners as well as the industry (including the ICT industry).