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Selected presentations

Statistical Methods Applied to International Large-Scale Assessment Data (COIN Invited lectures, 2014):


12th JRC Annual Training on Composite Indicators and MCDA (COIN 2014)
COIN Agenda


Impacts of Climate Change | Brasilia (BR)
Monitoring Climate Change: Indicators and Pitfalls


INQUIMUS Workshop | Salzburg (AT)
Key methods in constructing (spatial) composite indicators


Gender Summit 4 | Brussels (BE)
Validating IUCN's Environment and Gender Index


Summer School on Sensitivity Analysis - SAMO | Ranco (IT)
Variance-based sensitivity methods


International Conference on Monte Carlo Methods | Leuven (BE)
Sobol’s sensitivity indices beyond sensitivity


e-Frame 2014 | Amsterdam (NL)
Policy uses of composite indicators


4th JRC Impact Assessment Course | Ispra (IT)
Multi-criteria Analysis for Impact Assessment


Lessons Learned For Understanding Civic And Citizenship Education An International Overlook | Rome (IT)


CEPS Winter school New skills and occupations in Europe | Brussels (BE)
Measuring skills demand and skills supply


III Scuola di Chimica dell’Ambiente e dei Beni Culturali | Barza (IT)
Multi criteria analysis


FEEM International Conference | Milan (IT)
Measuring Sustainable Development and its trade-offs


Course at European Parliament
When science is uncertain, when evidence is contested


5th International Conference on World-class Universities (WCU-5) | Shanghai (Cina)
 From Individual Ranking to National Benchmarking


Scientific support for growth and jobs in cultural and creative industries
Scientific support for growth and jobs: cultural and creative industries


Workshop on the ESRB country heat maps| Frankfurt (DE):


CEPS Task Force Meeting: The Quantity and Quality of Human Capital | Brussels (BE)
Presentation of JRC work related to measuring Scientific and Technological Research Excellence


59th ISI World Statistics Congress | Hong Kong (China)
The Bermuda triangle of statistics


7th International Conference on Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output | Nice (FR)
Fallacies of rankings and ratings


5th IEA International Research Conference (IRC) | Singapore
Cross-National Equivalence of Students’ Perceptions of Good Citizenship in ICCS


Launch Event Gender Equality Index | Brussels (BE)
Gender Equality Index - Is it statistically sound?


IREG FORUM on University rankings | Warsaw (PL)
Quality criteria for data aggregation used in academic rankings


Social Policy and Family Dynamics in Europe, SPaDE | Stockholm
Country-specific Conditions for Work and Family Reconciliation: an Attempt at Quantification.


International Conference on Indicators for Higher Education Rankings
Statistical techniques for the construction of composite indicators


Second UNDP Conference on Measuring Human Progress | New York (USA)
Refining the Human Development Index


Fifth Italian Congress of Econometrics and Empirical Economics | Genova (IT)
Ratings and rankings: voodoo or science


Workshop on Capturing Culture in Sustainable Development Assessments | Innsbruck (AU)
Communicating uncertainty: some applications of indicators and their validity


International Summer School on Environmental and Resource Economics | Belpasso (IT)
Aggregate measures of sustainable performance


Expert Group Meeting on Active Citizenship | Brussels (BE)
 Measuring Civic Competence across Europe: 10 years on


Interdepartmental Co-ordination Group "GDP and beyond" | Brussels (BE)
JRC and the Environmental Performance Index 2006-2012


Lunchtime Conference DG Education and Culture | Brussels (BE)
Introducing the ELLI Index: a new approach to measuring lifelong learning


7th International Conference on Social Science Methodology | Naples (IT)
A Critical Assessment of International University Ranking Systems Using Sensitivity Analysis Methods


Lecture at a PhD Course at the Venice International University | Venice (IT)
Multi-criteria Analysis


Towards the Definition of a Measurable Environmentally Sustainable Transport | Oslo (NO)
 A Methodological Framework for the Construction of Composite Indicators