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Our existence depends on our planet’s natural environment.

How do we want to deal with the future of our one and only planet?

What can you do as a citizen?

Come and share your thoughts with us!

ARTEFACTS special exhibition from 9th October 2018, Berlin Museum für Naturkundeexhibition

/jrc/en/video/artefacts-exhibition-berlin-museum-f-r-naturkundeExhibition ARTEFACTS Berlin

ARTEFACTS explores urgent environmental issues of our time, by focusing on the themes of food, energy, water, air and climate.

Science can help the EU be an architect of a better world. Discover how European policies, based on solid scientific facts, have an impact on your everyday life.

ARTEFACTS, a collaboration between the Berlin Museum für Naturkunde, the photographer J. Henry Fair and the Joint Research Centre (JRC).