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Board of Governors

The JRC Board of Governors assists and advises the Director-General and the Commission on matters relating to the strategic role of the JRC and its scientific, technical and financial management. Individual Board Members have also an important role in representing the interests of the JRC in their respective Member States and FP7 Associated Countries. (they can advise, for instance, on links to establish, activities to pursue and collaboration opportunities to explore). The Board establishes its own rules of procedure which are reviewed periodically.

The Board consists of high-level representatives from the EU Member States and FP7 Associated Countries. They are nominated by the Commission upon designation of the country's authorities. Every three years, the Board Members elect the Board's Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and its Delegate to the High Level User Group (the group of representatives from the customer Directorate-General providing input to the elaboration of the JRC work programme).

The Board usually meets three times per year in plenary, twice at a JRC site and once in a Member States or Associated Country. The JRC senior management (the Director-General, Deputy Director-General and the Directors), the Board Secretary and others, as invited by the Chairperson, participate in the plenary meetings. In order to address more specific issues in-depth, the Board sets up "ad-hoc groups" which report their findings at subsequent plenary meetings.

The Board is assisted by a Board Secretariat, located in Brussels, which prepares the different meetings and follows up their deliberations.

List of the Members of the Board of Governors (October 2017)
Rules of procedure for the JRC Board of Governors (November 2012)