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Relevant and important information about JRC Karlsruhe

PLease find below practical advice on settling in Karlsruhe, making the process of adapting to a new working and social environment as smooth as possible for you and your family. It shall also help you through the initial administrative formalities at the JRC.
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Before your start

You will receive this information already while you are waiting for your nomination act or employment contract. Before this can be issued, two important checks have do be done, please see the information that you have received from the responsible HR staff in Karlsruhe or Ispra:


On the first day

Registration with the German Authorities


In the first weeks

In the first months

Your car


About this page

This page is targeted for

  • Statutory staff of the European Commission (officials, temporary agents, contract agents).
  • Grant holders (research fellows) with employment contract under national German law.
  • Trainees with a trainee contract, other "visiting staff".
  • The term "Commission staff" designs officials, temporary agents, contract agents and grant holders only.

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This page is only intended for information purposes and has no legal authenticity. Prepared by The Human resources (HR) and Social Services staff of the Resource Management Karlsruhe.

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