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Life in Ispra


Ispra is located in the mountainous part of the Varese province in north-western Italy, with its many lakes. The climate in the area of Ispra is known for its cold winters and hot, humid summers. Temperatures vary from a winter minimum of -5 °C to 29 °C and above during the summer. Rainfall is heaviest in May and lowest during the winter months.

Lake Maggiore in the summertime
Lake Maggiore in the summertime
Winter in the mountains


English is the most commonly used language at the workplace of JRC in Ispra. However, at least some basic knowledge of Italian is necessary for most daily activities in the area. JRC-Ispra organises free Italian courses for officials, temporary and contractual agents, grantholders, seconded national experts and trainees.


The JRC offers newcomers the possibility to rent furnished apartments near the Ispra site for a period of minimum two months to a maximum of six months until they find housing privately.

Local means of transport

Due to its location in the countryside, the Ispra site is not well connected with public transport systems. Although everyday life might be difficult without a private car, there are a number of ways to get around.

The JRC provides a free daily bus service to most of the towns and villages in the area.

Childcare and schooling

The JRC in Ispra has its own nursery and afterschool daycare for children of staff employed under a full-time contract of at least six months. There is also an occasional day care service provided on an hourly basis for children from 6 months to 4 years*.

Staff members of the JRC can enrol their children at the European School in Varese, which is an official educational establishment controlled jointly by the governments of the Member States of the European Union.

Family, social networks and clubs

Meetings of spouses/partners are organised regularly to provide practical information on local life.

In addition, a large number of social events is organised by the Cultural Committee of JRC-Ispra, including visits to concerts and exhibitions. There are also about 30 leisure and sport clubs existing at the JRC, as well as various social networks and associations.

For more details concerning living and working in Ispra, please download our brochure.

* Subject to availability of places

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