JRC-ITU is comprised of seven scientific and two support units, based in Karlsruhe (Germany) and Ispra (Italy). In total the Institute has a multidisciplinary team of more than 370 academic, technical and support staff.

JRC-ITU Organisational Chart 2015


Safety of Irradiated Nuclear Materials (Karlsruhe)

Vincenzo Rondinella
Head of Unit
For the determination and understanding of the key mechanisms and processes underpinning the behaviour of nuclear fuel during reactor operation under normal, transient conditions and in severe accident scenarios. The unit also addresses fuel behaviour under intermediate and or extended storage and final disposal conditions.

Materials Research (Karlsruhe)

Rudy Konings
Head of Unit
The unit provides the scientific basis for the objective assessment and modelling of the behaviour of nuclear materials, with emphasis on nuclear fuels, under normal and off-normal operating conditions, serving European and international authorities, academic and research organisations and industry. 

Nuclear Fuel Safety (Karlsruhe)

Joseph Somers
Head of Unit
The unit provides high quality samples of reference and or representative nuclear fuels and related compounds, relevant to Europe, for testing and assessing fuel safety under various reactor conditions. 

Nuclear Chemistry (Karlsruhe)

Jean-Paul Glatz
Head of Unit
The unit develops the scientific knowledge and understanding of key processes for the safe and secure implementation of nuclear waste strategies in Europe. It focuses on the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle and its impact on the environment, providing independent policy support to reduce the long term burden of waste repositories and explores medical applications of short-lived alpha emitters for the therapy of cancer and infectious diseases.

Actinide Research (Karlsruhe)

Robert Caciuffo
Head of Unit
The unit generates, sustains and disseminates the scientific knowledge base concerning the fundamental properties of actinide elements, compounds and materials for a thorough understanding of the behaviour of nuclear materials. It acts as a reference centre for actinide science serving European and international academic and research organisations by offering educational opportunities and promoting the integration of basic nuclear research at a European level.

Nuclear Safeguards & Forensics (Karlsruhe)

Klaus Lützenkirchen
Head of Unit
The unit develops techniques and methodologies to ensure efficient and effective safeguards of nuclear materials, detect clandestine nuclear activities and provide means to detect and combat illicit trafficking. It carries out R&D activities in direct scientific and operational support to the Directorate Generals of the European Commission, the EU Member States authorities and the IAEA. In particular, it operates on behalf of the Commission the On-Site Laboratories at large EU nuclear reprocessing plants.

Nuclear Security (Ispra)

Willem Janssens
Head of Unit
The unit provides R&D, instruments, technical services, testing, validation and trainingfor nuclear safeguards, non proliferation, nuclear security and nuclear emergencies to inspection agencies (e.g. IAEA and EURATOM), Member State authorities and operators. It is engaged in non-destructive analysis, process monitoring, containment and surveillance, verification, detection, safeguards methodologies, export control, trade analysis and non-proliferation assessments. It addition the unit operates the European environmental radioactivity emergency notification and information exchange systems.



Site Management & Radiation Protection (Karlsruhe)

Ralph Maier
Head of Unit
The unit supports and coordinates all activities ensuring that the Institute complies with legal requirements concerning radiation protection, physical protection, environmental safety and occupational health and safety at work. It provides the scientific units with technical services, radioprotection, performs regular maintenance, repair of buildings, infrastructure and installations.

Resource Management (Karlsruhe)

Jacqueline Ribeiro
Head of Unit
The unit supports and implements the resource management functions at JRC-ITU in a client responsive manner and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.