As a multinational and multicultural research centre in Europe, the JRC-ITU collaborates with many external organisations/institutions.

Collaboration and networking with the international research community, national authorities and industry are crucial to carry out the JRC-ITU's work programme, at world-wide level. The institute is sharing competencies, acquiring new knowledge and maintaining high scientific quality through objective benchmarking.

At the same time, the independence from national and commercial interests, the proximity to EU policy-makers and the breadth of expertise enable the institute to deliver highly valuable contributions to a wide range of joint research activities.  

Collaboration with international partners takes different forms, for example: joint research projects, networks with national enforcement laboratories & agencies, knowledge transfer, opening up access to JRC-ITU facilities and databases, participation in workshops & seminars, mobility & training schemes for young scientists, a targeted approach to integrate new Member States, candidate countries and neighbouring countries.